Seasnap has been working with the Bournemouth 360 photo community for four years! Our panoramic pictures have been viewed over 10 million times on Google Maps which is pretty nuts! (You can see the evidence on my Maps profile.) About 300, 000 of those views come from one tour – the gym at BHLive Active – formerly the Littledown Centre:

We’ve made tours for other gyms, conference centres, offices, restaurants and of course, what with this being Bournemouth, hotels. And one of our Bournemouth 360 photo shoots was featured by Google Maps PR to advertise the Street View | Trusted scheme (then Google Business Photos) globally. See their post on Google+ here. It got some pretty good mileage on Facebook and Twitter too. We’ve also worked with YMCA to promote their excellent facilities pro bono.

A lot has changed in that time. The principle change has been to make sure our tours are mobile first. That has meant sticking with Google. Their publishing platform is very much mobile led and tours are easily found and look amazing on tablets and phones. Other solutions work great for desktop first sites.. but who is designing those?

That’s why we’re Street View | Trusted.

virtual tour features seasnap bournemouth 360 photo

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