This research would be really useful for any business considering a Business View tour, so I am really disappointed that I never came across it before now. NYC’s tourism body did some serious, objective market research into Business View tours during Restaurant Week in 2013. Here is a summary of  their results:

  • 55% of all participating restaurants had Business View and results showed that
    diners were more likely to reserve a table at those restaurants. In New York
    City’s competitive food scene, this compelling visual imagery offered these
    restaurants a valuable edge.
  • On average, restaurant listings that included Business View had a 30%
    higher click through to reservations
  • Visitors who viewed Business View for a given business clicked through
    to make a reservation 50% of the time (20% more than visitors who didn’t
    view Business View)
  • 84% of 1,300 surveyed customers said Business View played a factor in
    their restaurant choice

Those are some pretty amazing figures. The original document is online here.