Yes, Chrysler are using Google Business View. They have made a factory tour using Google Business View tech. The tour is on a dedicated website: and uses a modified version of Business View, with slightly modified navigation and rendering.

Creating a dedicated site and adding videos is a fabulous way to present a tour and is certainly a good way to get publicity. But why have they modified the standard Business View tech so much, when the original would actually look better?

For instance, the “hotspot” videos are really intrusive.. why no way to make the balloons disappear? For instance see this screen grab (it’s linked to tour):

Screen Shot 97

The pop up in the middle of the page stays there no matter where you move the viewpoint.. so it’s always in the way. Also, after watching the video it’s still there. Standard TourDash would not have this problem.

And the exposure is overall dark for some reason:

Screen Shot 98

The constant rendering and forced changes in viewpoint are a wee bit jarring too. Again, never happens in standard Business View.

The 360 degree videos are awesome though, but even without these it would be simple for industrial clients to create tours like this – but actually better.. existing videos and other content can be placed in pop ups as clients move through a factory or other unit.