Google Street View actually going through your Game Zones? We can do that. We can make it work in open areas, in dense forest, on hills, and in buildings. No site is too big, or too small. And we can include paintballers in action, pyrotechnics, smoke, and work with you on atmosphere and staging.

Try out these two examples:

Tours can also be embedded on your own website. See how Camouflage Paintball integrated their huge tour with their Game Zone map.

Or add navigation menus and info pop ups. For example try this demo:

We’re flattered that Google have used our paintball tours to promote the virtual tour service globally.

We offer various levels of service, designed to fit in with your marketing needs. Our packages are Full Auto, Standard, and Bespoke. Here’s a summary of the differences between them:

Packages Summary

FULL AUTO – Everything to get your tour online, prices starting at £350.00
STANDARD – Our standard tour is hand crafted, with prices starting at £550.00
BESPOKE – This hand crafted tour has the addition of a navigation menu and pop up windows. Please call for a quote.

Click here to go to our contact form, tell us a bit about yourselves, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.