It’s free and easy to get your Google virtual tour onto Facebook. These instructions will create a tab on your Facebook page which contains your tour. It looks like this:

street view trusted google virtual tour facebook embed deavin seasnap

You can move around the tour on Facebook using the white navigation arrows.

Go to The Grove Hotel’s page to have a play with their tour and see how yours would also work.


  1. A manager of the business’s Facebook page should log into their personal Facebook account.
  2. Then they should go to the woobox app and install it.
  3. At the prompt, the business page onto which the tour will be installed should be selected.
  4. You are then taken to a settings page, into which some html code must be inserted.
  5. Generate the code by going to your tour and navigating to the perfect starting point for the soon-to-be-embedded tour. Then, click the three dots at the top left and then “share and embed” from the pop-up:street view trusted google virtual tour facebook embed deavin seasnap
  6. Then click “embed image”, then “Custom size” in the drop down:street view trusted google virtual tour facebook embed deavin seasnap
  7. Set custom height at 600 and width at 800. Copy the new html code.
  8. Paste the code into the woobox settings page and change other settings as you wish. Click save.
  9. The virtual tour tab can have more than one tour window – embed code as many times as you like.
  10. Once you’ve got your virtual tour onto Facebook your visitors can enjoy moving around just like on your site or on Maps. Enjoy.
  11. EDIT: Only admin can see the Woobox “admin options” (green bar) at the top of the newly created tour tab window.
  12. EDIT 2: You can see how many views your tour has had under settings.. useful.

Please drop me a line if something is wrong with these instructions. Google, Facebook and Woobox change details frequently – although normally not by much.