“Virtual Tours” are collections of connected 360 images which can be viewed and rotated in web browsers. They are interactive, show off spaces very well, and are very popular with viewers / customers. Virtual Tour features come in many different flavours, for instance:

Google Street View style tours

These tours feature many connected 360 images creating a walkthrough of a venue. They appear on Google Maps and can be embedded on any other website. Read about pricing for Google Street View virtual tours.

Completely Custom tours

These tours can feature navigation menus and pop-ups containing text, images, video and graphics, with custom or off-the-shelf designs, sometimes using the whole browser window, sometimes appearing as an element in a web page (eg a blog post). They can also contain sound and moving elements.

Video tours

These tours can play either on standalone players, on YouTube, or embedded (probably via YouTube) in other webpages, for instance your own or most property portals.

We call each of the above an “output”. No matter what output you require, we capture imagery in the same way at your locations, using high resolution DSLR equipment. Our background is in photography so we understand using light to capture the best quality imagery.

We then work with you to output the imagery depending on the virtual tour features  you and your customers and clients want.

We’re pretty experienced at the pros and cons of each output and how each can be used to make the most of your imagery. Get in touch to discuss, or, if you’d prefer, read this blog post first, which gives an honest appraisal of each of the above outputs so you can better understand how different virtual tour features might work for you.